English tutoring is likely to be popular this summer. The perfect opportunity for you and your mates looking for a summer job to become a tutor, even from home.

2020, an ungrateful year for students

Upset plans for this summer

Across the UK, many students have had their plans for this summer turned upside down by the arrival of Covid-19. And while the sun and the holidays are coming to the Island in stride, summer jobs are in short supply this year.

Schooling remains a work in progress for French students

English students aren't the only ones who have been mistreated in 2020: French middle and high school students are dragging behind them a school year undermined by strikes, blockades, and distance learning due to confinement. As a result, many of them have accumulated gaps and backlogs in several key concepts in their academic programs, particularly in their English language learning.

Dialogue: the best way to learn a language

The best way to learn a language is to practice it first. This can be achieved thanks to the internet, a language stay, or a language class, as it immerses you in this oral practice. This is what has made university exchanges so successful. Getting used to the sounds of the language will then allow you to use them yourself, to speak. Learning English, for a Francophone, means first learning to recognize and reproduce a dozen sounds that exist in English but not in French. You may, therefore, understand that many parents have chosen to give their children a studious holiday this summer to bring them up to speed in English. This is the reason why tutoring is likely to be popular this summer. The perfect opportunity for students looking for a summer job.

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Tuteur à l’Heure, a chance for you to seize this opportunity

A culture of excellence that inspires our students

Tuteur à l'Heure is a start-up that allows you to connect with students in need of tutoring. Our tutors come from prestigious schools and have an exemplary track record and a pedagogical approach that combines patience and kindness, so as to become a source of inspiration for their students.

Our commitment to quality teaching

You don't need years of teaching experience to get started. Our private English tutors are recruited based on their university level, their British A-level examination transcript, and a personality interview. English-speaking tutors are certified by Tuteur à l'Heure to ensure that they are qualified to provide such support courses in English. Everything is put in place to ensure the best possible teaching experience between the English teacher and the student. Besides, they establish a true relationship of trust where listening, kindness and productive exchanges are the foundations of the support provided.

Our desire to instil a taste for the English language

Our ambition is to enable each of our students to enjoy learning and progress through their English lessons. Our experienced tutors take on the role of big brother and big sister to gradually push them towards greater autonomy and the development of affection for the Shakespearean language.

A few small precisions

Linking the tutor and its student

At Tuteur à l'Heure, we take care of contacting the family ourselves, developing the student profile, and deciphering the parents' expectations. Thus, the contact details, the desired profile of the tutor, and the family's availability are checked via telephone calls, offering you real security and considerable time savings.

Remuneration of our English tutors

We pay our tutors every two weeks by bank transfer according to the number of hours of tutoring given. The hourly rate for English individual lessons is 20€ or £17.95 per hour.

How the courses are run

These online courses will take the form of a discussion, a real exchange between our qualified teacher and its student. These exchanges will focus on topical themes and debates that we will advise you on. A program is put in place to ensure continuity in learning English: grammar lessons, multiple-choice quizzes, various exercises, lessons, etc. Other advice will be given, such as a list of English or American series to watch, or books to read, so that the students progress further in English.

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